Are the photos an accurate representation of you?

Yes, they are accurate. What you see is what you get. Well... actually there is so much more that what you see.....

Who is your ideal client?

Genuinely wanting to connect on many layers... I am attracted to so much more than the physical..... kind, respectful, intelligent, looking to explore, relax, let go and have fun!

What exactly do you offer?

An experience. An escape. A mutually satisfying connection. A retreat from constraints. A space to let go. I love to connect and discuss our experience we want to create together beforehand.... the anticipation is all a part of heightening our time together. Read more about me and our experience together here.

What will you be wearing?

I can range from jeans, boots & a t-shirt to lingerie or a classy dress all depending on the experience we want to create together. If there is something specific you would like we can discuss prior to meeting.

Are you available for Duos/Couples?

I am bi-sexual, so adding the pleasure and sensuality of another women to the mix will only heighten an already amazing experience. I love creating a safe and easy space for couples to venture into another side of their relationship. Read more about duos & couples here.

Do you travel?

Yes I am available for vacations or business trips with those I have already established a relationship with and are planned in advance. Read more about travel time here.

Do you offer role play & fetishes?

Yes I do. But I prefer to discuss these ahead of time as there are some fetishes (like feet) where there may be a better match for you. 

Why do you ask for references?

Given my schedule and other pursuits I am selective of who I spend my time with.  References also reassure me that you will be safe and respectful of our time together. And I can also take less screening measures like verifying employment.

Why do you do this?

There is something about creating an experience for another that societal norms and pressure otherwise do not allow. It is an escape for  all of us. I love connecting with people on multiple levels and exploring human nature and sensuality. 

Do you drink?

Given my training schedule and lifestyle I rarely drink. On the rare occasion though I love a nice scotch. You are welcome to bring a bottle of your preference to enjoy it in my presence even if I can't join you. If we do enjoy a beverage together please note that I must be present when the bottle is opened. I also prefer to be sober for our time together. I am very sensitive physically which elicits a lot of pleasure and I don't want to numb this experience.

Do you smoke or do drugs?

No, I have never smoked nor do I do any drugs. I am happy for you to enjoy a drink during our time together, but I prefer our experience to be drug free. 

Do you allow pictures or videos?

No. Discretion is imperative and our time together is private. 

Do you give massages?

YES! I love giving massages....

Can we go for a date or drinks without compensation? 

No, while I genuinely enjoy our time together I ask you to please respect the nature of our relationship.

What do you expect of your clients?

  • To be respectful of my boundaries and the nature of our relationship.
  • To be discrete.
  • To be punctual. I do need to contact security at the beginning and end of our time together so it is imperative to respect my time. 
  • To have excellent hygiene - have fresh breathe and freshen up with a shower (you are welcome to make use of my facilities).
  • Enjoy yourself and have fun.
  • Relax.
  • Connect.
  • Be yourself.
  • Let go.

What if we see each other in public outside our time together?

Appreciating the nature and discretion of our relationship if we run into each other in public I will not acknowledge you and I expect the same towards me.

Allow me

To surrender

To your