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consider this an invitation to sin….


You’re thinking about last night aren’t you?

Remembering that scene you walked into. Two gorgeous women licking each other clean, waiting for you to come help. The rich chocolate hitting your tongue followed by the sweetness of her body. The giggles of pleasure filling the room. 

You’ll never get that image out of your mind, warm chocolate falling into your lap only to be cleaned up by their attentive mouths. A sensation that must be felt to be believed.

Join us for an unforgettable and undeniably delicious duo. 

                   November 8th, 9th and 10th

Beautiful handmade, by Tara, organic chocolate along with two babes. The chocolate is dairy free so your lactose intolerance is not an excuse to miss out.

As for the two of us, our chemistry is electric. Teasing and playfully sensual. But come see for yourself. 

                Dinner and Dessert Special 

                             4hrs $2200

                             3hrs $1800

                              2hrs $1400

                           90mins $1000

                               1hr $800

Email me for booking request: taragreen@protonmail.com