To enhance our time together I prefer to get to know you as much as possible and create a connection via email before we meet. taragreen@protonmail.com 

I am very selective about who I spend my time with, the more information you provide the better. Please email me with an introduction and details for screening such as:

  • A little about you and what brings you to me

  • A reference from an independent provider

  • Your name and phone number

  • A link to information about you (such as linkedin) and/or your employment information (this is not necessary if you have references)

References are for our mutual benefit and protection. All information is kept private and confidential. At this time I am giving priority to those with references.

If you are a first timer, a more thorough screening process is required and will take more time to see me. Please fill out the Intake Form below.

I am excited about the possibilities of what we can create together.....

Love, TARA xo 


Break your spirit and heart free from the confines of conformity. Lean in. Surrender your soul. Be reborn. You will be surprised what's on the other side.



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